1492973_10152090672896240_316321804_nRonnie Ray “Allday” is a Latino Pop/Hip Hop Artist that hails in the Houston, TX area. His parents are first-generation Mexican immigrants to the U.S. who, against all odds, managed to create a life of value for their five children including the star himself. Born on December 26, 1985, Rene Hernandez, better known as Ronnie Ray All Day, took on his performance name by his Tia (aunt) who pronounced his name as Ronnie with her strong Spanish accent. The nickname “Allday” was given by his mother who claims that Ronnie has always stayed extremely productive, busy  and in constant motion throughout his life.
His love for music started at a young age. His mother often sung around the house while cleaning or preparing meals. She had a beautiful and very soothing voice capturing his attention.  As he grew, so did his love for music. He was influenced early by 90’s hip hop artists such as Too Short, Bone Thugs, 2 Live Crew, and hometown favorites U.G.K.  As his love for music progressed he discovered he had a talent for writing. He began writing poetry and songs. Like other artists he found this to be his preferred method for expressing his feelings.
Ronnie’s break in the music/entertainment industry came by way of his part time DJ assistant gig. It was a summer evening at a huge Houston Block party. The main DJ was having troubles getting the crowd “Live”. DJ Ronnie Ray AllDay offered some assistance. As soon as his voice hit the waves the entire vibe of the crowd changed.  They immediately responded to him and the energy of the party was taken to a new level. After discovering his voice and love for “moving” the crowd, he began to receive numerous invitations to serve as a host and DJ for parties. His new found popularity in the entertainment industry further fueled his passion and ambition. He enrolled in college and obtained his Associates degree in Audio Engineering.

Ronnie has an appreciation and love for all music, but his genres of choice are Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Latin Pop, Latin Hip Hop, and Krunk Music. These are the types of music that he considers “His Lane”. He mixes his fresh powerful voice, with a Krunk sound. The bilingual words that flow from his mouth add a sexy sound to top it off. Ronnie has done some modeling and loves the creativity and art behind modeling. In 2014 he made an impression with Houston’s well known producer “Bruce Bang” who has worked with many well-known artists. He & Bang recorded his recently released single AllDay-AllNight “The Party Anthem”. He later then met with Grammy award winner James Hoover who mastered the song. In 2015 his single was released and has been a great success. He quickly captured the attention of Fox 2 & Univison 48 that conducted an interview with him, along with a few radio stations. He recently filmed his music video in South Padre Island (his second home) which is set to be released in August 2015. Ronnie has made monumental strides in reaching his goals during his few years on this planet, but he is nowhere near his potential.  He is determined to achieve all of his goals. He is motivated by success and nothing will detour his drive. Ronnie’s passion for music and love for its diversity has inspired him to establish a record label. World Wide Music Records intends to discover new musical talent from around the world in all genres.  He believes his trials and experiences in the industry will serve other artists well in their own journey.  While his individual achievements bring him fulfillment nothing brings him more joy than being able to help others.  Ronnie Ray has a soft spot in his heart for under privileged children; his giving heart and enthusiasm to help children pursue their dreams is the reason why he strives to be a great role model.  He understands their struggle and knows that with just a little help in life they, too, can achieve their own goals and dreams.

“I would like to give individuals the hope & motivation to become successful in life, and to reach as many people as possible. If I can reach that one person to say I never gave up on my dream and goals because of you. To know that I have motivated and helped change one life is what matters the most”. I would like to thank my family, friends and fans for the support and everyone who I have worked with towards my musical journey.


~Ronnie Ray AllDay~